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Sunset at Punta Lobos

Imperial in the Desert

Cloudbreak in Baja

Sunflowers in Provence

The Source

Twisted Junipers Under a Full Moon
La Puerta San Miguel
La Puerta San Miguel

Bougainvillea Con Entrada Turquesa

La Puerta Azul con Bougainvillea
Cheetah with Lotus Blossoms
Cheetah with Lotus Blossoms
The Peony
The Peony
Sensual Foliage
Sensual Foliage

Olive Trees of Provence

Cristo Vive

Alas de Mariposa

Los Arboles

Morning in the Canyon of Silence

Wind in the Trees Provence

Boats in Loreto

Shadows under Bougainvillea I

Shadows under Bougainvillea II

Erotica I

Erotica II

Erotica III

Walk to the Beach

Paseo de Iglesia

La Montana

Afternoon Bougainvillea

Casa Verde

The Blue House III

The Music of Angels

Summer Watermelon

Summer fields

La Montana Roja

Paseo del Mar

Punta Lobos at Dawn

The Blue Gates

El Arco de Cabo de Cabo San Lucas

Flower Stand II

Red Desert

La Puma

Cerro Colorado

La Montana Brilliante

Transforming Diegos Burden

Summer Storm in Todos Santos

Wind In The Palms I

Palms at La Posa

Wind In The Palms II

Afternoon in Loreto

Turquoise Beach Walk
Palms Under Full Moon
Palms Under Full Moon

Bird of Paradise
Flower Woman In WhiteLace
Flower Woman In WhiteLace

Flower Woman Oaxaca II

Red Sky Palms

Blue Sky Palms

Orange Sky Palms

Nine Palms

Playa Las Palmas
Dawn at Playa Las Palmas
Dawn at Playa Las Palmas

Boats in Venice

Water Reflections Venice

Three Boats in Venice

Casa Roja V

Bougainvillea with Red Door

Meditacion con Mi Perro

Palmas de Las Frailles

Midnight in Baja

Midnight in Mola

Two Sheep Magenta Shadows
Lone Sheep with Rooser
Lone Sheep with Rooster

Three Sheep with Blue

Iglesia de Los Posos II

Provence Boats Reflections

Puerta Azul con Angeles

La Puerta de San Pedro

La Puerta San Domingo

Green Doors Indian Red Wall

Red Doors of San Miguel

Red Entry on Blue Door

White Entrance Green Door

Las Puertas Azul San Miguel

Green Doors of San Miguel

Burgundy Wall

Ola Grande I

Ola Grande III

Ola Grande II

Ola de Luz

Ola Grande VI

Double Wave

The Bather in the Tropics

Messenger of Abundance

Awakening Butterfly Woman

The Bridge at El Triumfo

The Red Flame Tree

Church with Cielo Nanrajita

Lotus Blossom I

Lotus Blossom II

Bougainvillea Naranjita

Iglesia San Ignacio

Red Tiled Roofs By The Sea

Summer Beach Walk

La Montana con Cielo Azul
Jungle Dreams
Jungle Dreams


Early Morning Red Ginger


Deep Red Ginger

Palms Boat with Blue Shadows

Desert Rain

Palms Orange Boat

Casa Rosa

Casa Blanca de La Posa I

Casa Blanca de La Posa II

The Embrace

Angel with Roses

The Dancer
Woman of the Deep Blue Lake
Woman of the Deep Blue Lake
Virgin de Guadalupe
Virgin de Guadalupe
Poco Calor
Poco Calor

All of Jill Logan's Giclees are printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Ragpaper with archival ink (200 year life)

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